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Concordia Translations offers fast, reliable and professional translation service. Our strategy is based on the global integration of a wide range of expert translators in a common network to offer our clients the best translation service at the best price.


Quality and objectivity are our mottos.




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Our continuously growing network of expert translators enables us to cover a wide range of translation fields, both technical and general:

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Personal service: Precise and direct contact to deal with your needs.
Confidence and punctuality: We guarantee the delivery of your translations within the given time schedule.
Expertise and competence: Our translators are experienced natives in the fields they work and master the technical terminology in a wide range of disciplines.
Availability: Our customer information service works around the clock everyday, including the weekends.
Top quality at good price: Benefit from our excellent quality-price ratio.
Maximum data security assured: Upon request, we store a free of charge backup file of your translation project.


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