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Translation and interpreting services


Our translation, interpreting and localization services base on the integration of two key factors which ensure high quality:


- Our extensive network consist of professional translators who translate into their native language.

- We have specialized translators in all the fields we offer.


Translation services


Interpreting services


Servicios de traducción


Servicios de interpretación


- Textual translation (text to text)

- Proofreading (improvement of coherence and text style)

- Transcription (audiovisual media to text)

- Video Subtitling (integration of text in audiovisual media)


All projects are subject to comprehensive proofreading process that optimizes the quality of translation and adapts to specific needs of each client.


- Simultaneous interpreting (real time)

- Consecutive interpreting (with interval)

- Audiovisual/teleconference interpreting (via distance communication systems)


Our interpreting services are available for a wide range of language combinations. Please contact us for more information.


Working formats


- Word, Excel, Power point, Open Office, web (Htm, Html, XHtml, Php, Xml...), Pdf.

- Mp3, Mp4, Ogg, Wav, Wma.

- Avi, Mpeg, Wmv, Mov, 3gp.







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