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We don't assume liability for translation mistakes, which are due to incomplete or unreadable source texts, made available by the client. In any case, the liability shall be limited in the amount according to the value of the relevant order. This website may contain links referring to third party sites of other providers. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the contents of any other websites.


§ 6. Remuneration and payment conditions


All prices and offers are not binding. The prices shall be in €, unless otherwise agreed. Released price lists may be amended by us without previous announcement. Deviations of previously released prices, express delivery surcharges or additional demands will be communicated by us to the client with the confirmation of the order at the latest. Payment should be made by bank transfer within 10 working days, starting from the day on which the translation is accepted by the customer.


In case of bulk orders, we reserve the right to charge 50% of the total amount in advance. Provided, the order exceeds both, the scope and difficulty level of the agreements, which have been contracted in the order assignment or in case that delivery schedules are set earlier than agreed, we are entitled to adjust the price accordingly higher to the additional effort.


§ 7. Failures and special cases


We are not liable for damages, resulting from interruptions of the system, particularly from force majeure, e.g. natural hazard events and traffic trouble, network and server errors, any other line malfunctions or transmission failures and any other hindrances, which we cannot be held responsible for. As regards the delivery of file via e-mail, the client shall be responsible for a final check of the transmitted files and texts. Any claims for damage in this connection can't be accepted. In case that customer cancels an order that was already confirmed, customer undertakes the payment of the performed work until the date of cancelation (amount of words, lines or pages translated from source text) basing on the previously agreed price in the quote.


§ 8. Reservation of proprietary rights


We will reserve the right of proprietary for both, the delivered translation and the copyright for this one until receipt of the complete payment of all charges. Until then, the client shall have no right to use the translation.


§ 9. Shipment


We assume no liability for a inaccurate or damaging transmission of the texts or for whose loss, as neither for whose damage or loss arising on the non-electronic transmission way.


§ 10. Confidentiality


All texts will be treated with confidence and we undertake to maintain silence concerning all factual information of which we become aware of in connection with our activity for the client.







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